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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2011 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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tonight, because we have not calendared it is a discussion item. however, we promised to report back to the commission tonight as the commission report, and we thought it would be helpful as well, since this is a community- located meeting, to be able to pass out, to members of the community, the projects that the commission has identified. before we go further with this, i would just like to note that even though this paper reads projects and goes on to read a general priorities on page two, note that the commission is concerned and involved with many other matters in -- and priorities. it is just over the course of time, starting pretty much with our retreat, we reviewed our priorities for the next year.
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and have been in evolving in this. so we decided to try to make this more functional, the setting of priorities, and functional in terms of scheduling it into our meetings and seeing to it that we address it. instead of having the three tiers that we had before, we decided to see what it would look like to just put all the parties together, with the exception of the a-set priorities. the a-set priorities are listed as the ongoing projects, activities anticipated in the next 90 days. what were previously identified as a-projects are now going to be over the next 90 days, and the rest of the priorities, described as b and c priorities are just listed as general priorities. the third page his accomplishments regarding
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priorities identified earlier to date. so that is a list that we expect to grow as we, you know, work with this system. the idea is really to a more focused on scheduling with this document. the suggestion was made that we use the last month, or the last week in the month, to address the priorities. this is a working document. it is fluid. to change things as the commission, the department, and the occ director, as we are all working together with the community, decide that things should be scheduled. we're doing a similar process with the disciplinary cases in terms of scheduling over a month time span. we're moving in that direction in terms of scheduling on policy items as well.
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commissioner, would you like to elaborate? >> i do not think i have anything further than what you said. it is a very fluid document. we will discuss it with the rest of the commission and will try to move forward in giving some of these things off our priority list and onto our accomplishments. >> i want to thank both of you for your work on this and i thank the lieutenant for staying late last night to speak with you. i looked at the list, and we have not voted yet, but it looks great and in order. i liked the fact that we have some proposed dates. i am quite pleased that this is a fluid document. one thing you will learn is that priorities often change based upon in emergencies, which has probably been the standing operating procedure for us as a commission, unfortunately.
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we hope things stay smith, and if they do, we will keep working on these priorities. of course, if any party arises, we will deal with both of them. thank you very much. and for the public, we let these priorities. sometimes things happen. like, i hope this does not happen again, but we had to pick a new chief. that through s way off with meetings. sometimes there's a significant officer-involved shooting and we have to get involved with the community. it takes things off track. it is kind of like an emergency room with a triage. this is great, and we will work on this. hopefully there will be no big issues to deal with. commissioners. lt. peter >> 1d, consideration of future commission meetings. >> any announcements? looks like we had the list in front of us for scheduling. next we, we pretty much of our agenda in place. is there anything else somebody
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would like to add? >> can we get the committee meeting scheduled for next month or is it identified? >> we do not have one identified yet. through the last week of september. >> i wonder if we want to have one and where? >> that is a good idea. we want to get back on track with a monthly meetings in the community. next week, if we put a note to ourselves, let's work with the list we had and the order of meetings we have had. let's find the next community to go out into. anything else, commissioners? great, ladies and a german, -- ladies and determine, we have public comment, but the next part of our presentation is keith sanford's presentation regarding the district.
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if you want to talk about the district it is probably better placed after line item 2. anything regarding our first part of our presentation? ok, hearing none. let's please move into why we're here tonight, line item 2. >> the commanding officer to address the commission on police activities in the richmond district. >> you have a presentation, captain? >> yes, sir. >> good evening, president, vice president, commissioners. and the chief and commander, director hicks. ladies and gentlemen. with your permission, i would like to present an award to mr. ernest lopp.
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can you please come up, and the chief? >> ladies and gentlemen, this is mr. ernest love, jr., from san francisco. i would like to abolish his excellent work and the richmond district. he was very instrumental in the arrest and identification of a burglary suspect, an individual who breaks into a house while the homeowner is there. the incident occurred on june 15, approximately 1:54 p.m. in the afternoon at 1729 peter street. mr. love was working in the area, and consequently, he heard an individual female yell for help. mr. love observed an individual fleeing the scene.
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consequently identified that individual as the perpetrator of a crime. stop what he was doing, immediately became involved in the pursuit of the suspect. i was given a footnote by my staff that mr. love also played football at sacred heart. i played ball at wash. >> mr. love deserves two awards. [laughter] >> mr. love pursued the individual wall this victim was yelling for help. individuals within the neighborhood recalling 911. mr. love chase to the individual, consequently tackled the suspect at 2440 bush street. he detained the individual and held them down and all assistance arrive. consequently, the police department handcuffed the suspect, as mr. love became a witness, as well as identified the person as the individual piece of fleeing the residence.
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consequently, as a result of his immediate ability to determine the illegal activity, identification of the suspect, the heiress to the dangers burglar, and the return of the victims' property -- the arrest of a dangerous burglar, and the return of the victims' property, we would like to present to you this accommodation. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you very much.
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>> thank you very much, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you again, mr. love. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am the commanding officer of the richmond police district and have been for the past three months. i certainly have to appreciate the move from midnight to days by the chief, an excellent move. [laughter] for me.
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you know, i do not know if the commissioners would like to sit up front. presented on the screen is the statement of purpose through chief sur. just looking at the interactive, a positive influence of the community working with the police department, one example was mr. love's ability to be interactive with the san francisco police department and the community. it embodies what the chief is stating. we also had an incident on the 2000 block of an armed robber
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the alleged bomb robbery. we arrested two individuals with guns, two without the without the community's involvement, without business individuals involvement, the san francisco police department would have a very, very difficult responsibility to maintain. looking at the symbolicness of what we do with the community and business, the chief has stated its eloquently. these are the commissioners, and you have the opportunity to meet everyone. the president, vice-president, commissioners. the richmond district consists of a number of communities, the outer richmond, presidio heights, inner richmond, pacific
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heights, laurel heights, it jordan park, sea cliff, and the lake district. we have approximately 13 individuals that are on the advisory board. when i call your name, please stand up. the president of our advisory board, trish munley. [applause] stuart willliams. [applause] michael lynche. unmanly -- edmond lee. mr. and mrs. rillo. . lee. john. [applause] gene barrish, sue frye, doug boen, mr. mcgee, hazel, and
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james douglas. morgan st. clair is our representative, and i do not believe she is here. i would like to acknowledge david heller, president at a. gary street merchants and -- geary street merchants association. also, a person who worked closely with me through the network, jeanie lynch. [applause] the richmond district also consists of three district supervisors. eric mar, mark farrell, and ross mirkarimi. our geographical area consists up 5.7 square miles and approximately 101,000 individual residents. our district sectors, five districts sectors, ocean beach is the border, golden gate park, presidio.
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the richmond police station staff consists of one captain, myself. and my captain staff, once sergeant, sgt long, three officers. i have my right man, considered to be the commander. laurie has been around a number of years and is vital to with regards to giving a lot of influence and decisions. i think she actually got commander before you got promoted. just joking. our plane close units, one sergeant, six officers. the day what consists of two lieutenants, three surgeons, 24 police officers. night watch has two lieutenants, eight sergeants, 36 patrol officers. we have an investigative team with the six investigators. our motorcycle division, one sergeant and four officers, totaling 100 police officers at
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richmond station. i certainly want to acknowledge the fact that the chief has increased our motorcycle enforcement team from two officers to five. today, we had one of our officers retire. his picture will come up. it is officer jim mcguiness. the breakdown with guards to female and male officers. we have 16 female officers. three asian, one african- american, nine caucasians, at three latina. 77 male officers, 24 asian, four african-american, 36 caucasian, 10 latin, and three others. we also have a number of officers who speak languages other than english. including spanish, italian, curry and commander in, cantonese, and russian.
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statistically, the focal point when i arrived at richmond station was to deal with violent crime, robberies, assaults, a homicide, fighting, and things of this nature. consequently, year to date, we're fortunate in part one crimes. we have a reduction of aggravated assault by 11%. homicide it maintains zero, which is excellent. robberies decreased by 18%. sexual assaults, rapes by 50%. in regards to part two crimes, property crimes, we have had an increase, especially in regards to burglaries' and deaths of vehicles. primarily in the golden gate park, we have had bicycles and auto break-ins. we have had a number of car
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break-ins, a burglar is a residential buildings and businesses have increased. we're working with a number of enforcement operations. they deal with the enforcement of the bringing in parolees, probationary is, anybody that has warrants to basically get these off the streets. these are individuals that are recidivists and continue to commit crimes throughout the district and city. we also look at running eight cars. -- running bait cars. we leave them there with products inside. we survey them, and if an individual breaks in kinmen -- break in, then we take them into custody. the other thing is increase plain clothed officers. i have looked at increasing those on our midnight watch or
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swing watch and days, hopefully to be interactive and watch these individuals. we always try to get the. the other aspect is that we have had a number of opportunities to work with the project to pamphlet these specific areas being targeted by criminals and let people know that you need to lock your doors unlock your cars. you need to maintain an area that your car is invisible to property being left inside. i had the opportunity to drive around the district and what in people's homes. i cannot believe the doors were wide open. i announced myself and my gun, not knowing who was inside. consequently, there is breakfast food on the table and the kids are upstairs. the parents are upset and come running down. i have to explain to them, you need to be aware of your surroundings, and you cannot have your doors wide open. now that you need to be frightened, but you have to
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so be neighborly but yet be aware of your surroundings. >> citations should increase by the number of motorcycles presented by the command staff. right now we're looking at pretty much going on the average. the d.u.i. arrests, drunk driving arrests, i believe will probably increase. i've asked my officers to do vigilant enforcement of drunk drivers because we have a lot of incidents with regard to speeding. vehicular violations. pedestrian violations. the officers are very active in trying to get as many citations as well as our advisory board. we're trying to educate and provide information about vehicular safety, pedestrian
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safety and being great neighbors. as you can see, the accidents -- well, you can't see the accidents, but -- here they come. we had three fatal accidents in the district. one was -- two were at gary and aguilar boulevard. one on february 10 of this year. it involved a violation of a red light. two vehicles collided. subsequently there was a fatalityy. on march 14 of this year at 4:52 in the morning a pedestrian was hit. the violation was failure to -- to the predstren, which was a fatality. we had a collision, a vehicle into a parked car. the coroner or medical examiner
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was speculating that the individual may have had a heart attack and subsequently crashed his car. the events that are consistent throughout the district and i certainly have to extend a great thanks to the officers as well as the community in the business organizes. the outside alliance. we just had that on august 12 through the 14th. over 1 0,000 individuals coming into the golden gate park and throughout the sunshine as well as the richmond districts. very minor issues of violent crime. i was very surprised, having to conduct this event for my first opportunity. very little in regards to drug overdoses for the number of individuals who were going to be working with the community, park and rec and the event promote
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others to see what we can do to make certain serene news in the park better. i heard there were some issues, some urination in the park and things like that. escape fromle catrals. the san francisco marathon. agca trazz, try at then, the san francisco police mass. bluegrass is forthcoming. it should be a three-day event that isn't going to be as large as outside mass, however, we'll work together and try to make this a great venue, and the nike women's marathon. that concludes the district presentation.
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i certainly could entertain questions, if, indeed, there are. commissioner kingsley? you can certainly return to your seats. >> thank you very much. [inaudible] >> i'll start from the beginning --. thank you for your excellent report. it was a terrific presentation and there were aspects of your report, the way you presented that weren't what we've seen before and it was very personal with the individual names of the
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community advisory boards and the breakdown of staff and so on. i really appreciate getting all of that. i wanted to just clarify a few things. the chart in connection with property crimes, d.u.i.'s and so on that are comparing to 2010, are they comparisons to the same date in 2010 or is it for the entire year? >> it's year to date. >> year to date, so that when we get to the traffic accidents where it's broken down into fatal injury and damage, those are a comparison to 2010 at the same time at the end of august? >> no, those are current to our date right now. that's the year to date with regards to 2010. ours are just current. >> oh, ok, so 2010 is for the whole year.
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>> yes, it is. >> ok, but the previous incident report, is it for the whole year, 2010 as well? or just a comparison of year to date in both 10 and 11? >> in the year 2010 it was year to date. subsequently it's compared to -- yes. 2010 is the whole year. it's current with regards to 2011. the incidences reported. >> ok, so throughout the whole chart all of 2010 are for the full 12-month period. >> yes. >> ok, thank you for that comparison. i was interested to see that there are 50% more officers on at nighttime on the night shift than the day shift and i gather that the -- is there a distinction between the weekends? is that the same as the seven days a week?
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that's the day shift and the same for -- >> the numbers are consistent with regards to our swings, midnight and day watch. so based upon the needs of the district, we allocate the personnel. if, indeed, there are specifics -- we have to maintain a certain amount of midnight officers so we have a minimum -- minimum in regards to such. subsequently if we have an opportunity to put other officers in other areas throughout the watches, i have that discretion to some point. >> in general, 1/3 of the officers are on day shift and 2/3 on night shift? >> yes, approximately. >> and i'm gathering probably friday night and saturday night, more officers are on shift or are they evenly divided? >> it's evenly divided, however, the chief has implemented
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additional enforcement units throughout the evening. he's had the opportunity to resolve some staffing issues by getting individual officers that had been at the hall of office. my three months we've had additional staffing provided to us so we have ample staff for weekends as well as the availability to call the bureau and/or our command staff to say we'd like to utilize those enforcement officers that have been working the evening hours and weekend. >> is this a typical ratio throughout the city, do you know? roughly one to two in terms of night and day shifts? >> from my understanding, each station has a consistent percentage that they have to maintain, however, bayview, due to the fact that they are most likely more interactive with
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calls for service would have more staffing and then i think they may have the luxury to move bodies where they need to. >> one last question. thank you. i know that you just came into your position a short while ago. do you know how many officers there were in this station last year and 2010? >> i haven't -- it's approximately about 100ish approximately. >> about the same? >> approximately. i know that as a result of retirements, attrition, transfers, that's why it was my understanding on first arriving to richmond station with the implementation and a new chief. the chief's priority was district stations and subsequently we have seen his actions, which have supported that in that we're having more of the officers that had been at the hall of justice coming to the district populations to


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